0.5 S.C.O.P.E — What It Takes To Win Multiple Scholarships

This video will teach you the qualities it takes to win scholarships. Having this as a basic foundation for your process will greatly increase your chances of winning not just one scholarship, but multiple. 

NOTE: This video was recorded a few days earlier than the videos seen before. The audio and visual presentation are clearly very different and not as well put together as the majority of the videos seen throughout this course. The video production in this one -- as well as about four others -- were essentially 'pilot' or 'test-run' videos, meaning me taking a moment to critique my own production and trying to see what works best as far as audio, lighting, set-up, etc., so that I can improve as a media producer.

With that in mind, the production quality of this video vs. the rest of the videos will be examined/analyzed later in the course when we discuss the do's and don'ts of filming a scholarship video (which replace scholarship essays) in lesson 4.10.

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