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24x course scholarship winner

Mary Glossop was a college senior studying medical laboratory science at the University of Cincinnati's online program. Through The Scholarship Algorithm course she was able to win 24x scholarships (the last 11 scholarships came in right after this interview)! Her university also wrote an article about her scholarship journey. She recently graduated debt-free as of August 2023.

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Parent x Son (10x winner)

Mrs. Williams is a mother of three sons, two of which are already in college. She was seeking out assistance for scholarships for her 3rd and youngest son, Tavian. Her family struggled with being eligible for aid due to their high income; however, she didn't want her family to be in additional student debt. So, she enrolled in The Scholarship Algorithm, and her son was able to win 10 scholarships despite their high-earning income!

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Meet Javier who won 15x scholarships all during his senior year of college!