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Ms. Clayton decided to enroll in the program for her son, Tyler, during his senior year of high school. He plans to major in civil engineering. As a single mother, she wanted more assistance with navigating the process. Tyler was able to obtain $246k in scholarships. He is now in a very unique and rare situation of where he has been awarded so much money in external scholarships that we must strategically find a way to maximize the amount he gets to keep for his education.

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There's an algorithm to winning scholarships and graduating debt-free. Here I will teach you HOW.


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  • Parents
  • Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Educators & school administration

The program can also help with other competitive applications such as:

  • College admissions (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • Bootcamps, apprenticeships, fellowships, internships & jobs
  • Accelerator programs
  • Grants for school or business

Never won scholarships before? Let's fix that!

Meet Anshu, a graduate student who won in April 2022 his first-ever scholarship. As a son of immigrant parents from India, he was able to win what just so happened to be one of the most competitive scholarships in the U.S.!

Can transfer students win? Of course!

Meet William, who transferred from a community college to the HBCU, Morehouse. He was previously told that his chances of getting a scholarship as a transfer, non-traditional student was not likely. However, after enrolling in the VIP program, in August of 2022, he was able to win this scholarship from Morehouse worth $14,530!

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The course is worth the investment.

Hear from this parent who enrolled in it for her son -- and won.

Mrs. Williams is a mother of three sons, two of which are already in college. She was seeking out assistance for scholarships for her 3rd and youngest son, Tavian. Her family struggled with being eligible for aid due to their high income; however, she didn't want her family to be in additional student debt. So, she enrolled in The Scholarship Algorithm, and her son was able to win several scholarships despite their high-earning income!

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